Navarro at the Ministry of Sport stand: “I do everything on the pitch to win the love of young people”

“It’s incredible the love I receive from all over Italy, I feel like I’m at home”. Paquito Navarro smiles after the quarterfinals of the Milano Premier Padel P1, won with Fede Chingotto against Tello/Ruiz. The Spaniard will return to the field tomorrow for the semifinals, but in the meantime he had the opportunity to relax and talk about his feelings about the Milan tournament. “It is important for me to cultivate the affection of the people and the younger fans, and the only way I know is to give everything on the pitch, every day”, said Navarro, guest of the stand of the Minister of Sport – with the contribution of the Department for Youth Policies and the Universal Civil Service – in the context of the activations signed by Carta GiovaNi Nazionale. A formula that works given the number of fans – young and old – who queue for an autograph and a selfie; the right reward for a long and successful career, which Paquito intends to continue to the best.

“It motivates me to keep winning, I think it’s a good thing to always try to fight,” he continued. “Even in 2024, my only goal will be to win tournaments and become number one. I have high hopes and this motivates me a lot.” What words would Paquito choose to describe himself? “’Garra’, show, passion.” A love for padel that would be difficult to replace: “If I hadn’t played this sport, maybe I would have taken up golf, or tennis. But the truth is that I started playing with the ‘pala’ when I was little and I’ve always liked it”. Finally, the confession about his little weakness that he lives in Italian trips: “A good carbonara drives me crazy”.