Ziad Hammoud, Premier Padel Board Member: “A great love story with Italy, players can’t wait to come back”

Dec. 11 “We are proud to be here, this was a wonderful event. We thank the Italian Tennis Federation, the City of Milan, and Sport e Salute. The players were delighted with the tournament and the arena. This means we did the right thing, giving them the best conditions to play, so they can’t wait to come back. This is the beginning of our love story with Italy, it’s only the first season for Premier Padel.” This is what Premier Padel Board member Ziad Hammoud said during the press conference. “We have also brought padel to countries where it was not so well known; we are confident that our strategy will prove successful in the long run. We will announce new cities, new dates for next season. We are proud to have partners like the ones we found here in Milan, and on the tournament front, I like to point out that we had the highest annual prize money in the history of padel. And it doesn’t end here: we have already talked to the players and next year it will grow even more,” concluded Ziad Hammoud.