Martina Riva, Councilor for Sport and Tourism of the City of Milan: “Twenty-seven thousand spectators for Premier Padel: a huge figure and a boost for economy and tourism”

Dec. 11 – «Grazie agli organizzatori che hanno costruito un evento indimenticabile. Thanks to the organizers who have built an unforgettable event.
It is an event that I believed in from day one and the fact that it was successful makes me proud” Words of Martina Riva, Councillor for Sport and Tourism of the City of Milan, at the closing conference of Premier Padel P1 in Milan. “I was in Rome to see the first Italian leg of Premier Padel last May and I fell in love with the sport and this event. Right from the start I thought bringing it to Milan would be a great idea and I can say that padel has conquered Milan and I hope Milan has conquered padel,” is the thought of Councillor Riva who reveals the numbers of the movement: “The increase of players has been enormous: 358 courts in the province of Milan, 858 in Lombardy with the largest increase in Italy regarding facilities. As I tell you these numbers it is likely that more courts will be coming up soon…. There are a lot of people who decide to spend money in a virtuous way and that is to play this sport and this guarantees economic sustainability for the managers as well. And since we are a somewhat sedentary city, padel helps us bring people back to physical activity.” The location was perfect for the event, Riva concludes: “At Allianz Cloud 27,000 people have come these days. Milanosport manages it, it is a top facility,on which we can count for the Olympics and beyond. The success has been huge thanks to teamwork, we look forward to experiencing the same emotions in 2023”.