Record-breaking figures for Milano Premier Padel: 27 thousand spectators at Allianz Cloud, two million users on social media, winners will get a 50 thousand euro prize

Dec. 11 An overwhelming success, with more than 27 thousand spectators attending Allianz Cloud during the week of the tournament. Milano Premier Padel P1 breaks all audience records. From all over Italy, padel fans took advantage of the holidays to watch some memorable matches, played by the strongest players in the world. Great success also for the event’s official website – which recorded 30 thousand unique users and 70 thousand page views – huge interest from the media as well. Almost 800 articles were published – between newspapers and online sites – with an great excitement among readers. Social media also made an extraordinary contribution to the success of Milano Premier Padel P1: over two million users were reached by the end of the event. Interest is growing and the final prize money for players is also increasing. The winners get a prize of 50 thousand euros while 25 thousand go to the finalists.