Carraro, President of the International Federation: “It was a historic season, Milan is now the world capital of padel.”

Dec. 11 “Milano Premier Padel has been a huge success,” confirmed Luigi Carraro, President of the International Padel Federation. “We are all very happy to be here in Milan, where an extraordinary tournament cloncludes an historic season for padel. After less than a year, we have taken padel to a new dimension, playing in emblematic sites, with the players enthusiastic about the organization and the places where the tournaments were held. The number of spectators grew continuously, thanks in part to TV coverage: 187 countries in total, slightly less than UEFA Champions League, which is broadcast in 205 nations.” “Today Milan is the capital of world padel,” continued the Chair of the International Federation, “all the people who have come here have brought us great warmth. I bring Angelo Binaghi – president of Federtennis – greetings to everyone and I thank Sport e Salute: its president, Vito Cozzoli, was the first fan of padel alongside its general manager, Diego Nepi Molineris. They helped us make it a success. Then I thank Mayor Beppe Sala and Councilor Martina Riva, who visited us in Rome months ago. We wanted to organize the last tournament on another continent, but councilor Riva’s tenacity pushed us to decide to do the last one of the circuit here. Thanks also to the Lombardy Region and sponsors, who have been crucial. I thank TV and media as well,” Carraro continued, “especially Marzio Perrelli. In 2019 we broadcast the 2019 European Padel Championships in Rome: we made a bet and we won it. Thanks also to Marco Gamberale and Demetrio Albertini, who has long been committed to spreading padel in Milan and beyond.” Speaking about the future, Carraro announced: “We want to organize between 8 and 20 tournaments next year. We are watching the developments around us, and in case the conditions improve, we would be ready to double the tournaments.” About opening the circuit to women’s padel as well, Carraro acknowledged that the lack of women is painful: “We have talked to the man and women players’ associations. The girls have been more cautious about not joining our circuit, I respect but do not share their choice. They missed an opportunity to win prizes, to have visibility on TV, to play in great places. We had a call with 90 female athletes a few days ago. There are no more obstacles, not even legal ones. We want them, I think everyone’s goal is a combined tour and every morning I get up thinking that we will have the girls on the circuit very soon.” Finally, Carraro commented on the possibility of Padel at the Olympics: “Events like this, in Milan, help us to become an Olympic sport. We are working on some aspects but nothing is missing.”