Many Carta Giovani holders at the Allianz Cloud Sciscioli: “Work and social matters, so many opportunities for the new generations”

Hundreds of young people filled the stands of the Allianz Cloud over the past few days, taking advantage of one of the opportunities offered by Carta Giovani Nazionale, the digital tool for young men and women between 18 and 35 years old and resident in Italy promoted by the Minister for Sport and Youths, which allows special access to goods, services, events and opportunities. There were 500 free tickets for each session of Milano Premier Padel, from Monday to Wednesday, but in the “village” that surrounds the facility hosting the big names of padel, there is an area where you can discover other opportunities as well, and not just in terms of discounts as it was previously the case. During the event, for example, it was possible to submit one’s CV to apply for a six-month internship in the organisation of international sports events, starting in March 2024.

“We have also strengthened our presence at sporting events and other events with a large concentration of youngsters – explained the Head of the Department for Youth Policies and Universal Civil Service, Michele Scisciolibut there are also professional opportunities on Carta Giovani: calls for tenders for public administration, training courses and certifications. And it doesn’t end here: it happened, during the last Giffoni Festival, for example, that we had partners who explained to young people how to prepare a ‘smart’ curriculum or who offered psychological support courses”.

And among the various proposals there is also universal civil service, reserved for young people aged between 18 and 29, with 15% of the places in public competitions reserved for those who complete it: a call for another 50,000 places is also coming out and, Sciscioli specifies, “civil service is no longer just conscientious objection and assistance for fragile categories. There are, to name a few, digital civil service, environmental civil service for projects designed in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment, and we recently signed a protocol with the Ministry of Agriculture for another 1,000 places”.

There is particular interest about the concept of ‘digital assistance’, which was created to teach new technologies to those who do not know them: how does SPID work? How do you send an email? Not only do you help your neighbour, ‘but you also create a bridge between different generations,’ Sciscioli highlights. “If you have done your community service and made yourself available to the community, you have gained skills. Which are also the principles of sport: working as a team, with motivation and respect for the rules”.