Brea-Gonzalez first finalist pair Out women’s number 1 Josemaria-Sanchez

The number 3 on the scoreboard, Delfina Brea and Bea Gonzalez, are the first finalist pair in the women’s draw at Milan Premier Padel P1. And that’s not all: beating number 1 Paula Josemaria and Ari Sanchez 6-4 7-6 in an hour and 55 minutes, Bea and Brea – already winners in Madrid – remain the only pair able of winning more than one round of the Premier Padel circuit. Waiting for them, tomorrow not before 3 p.m., will be the winning pair of the second semi-final, the one that will close Saturday’s programme between Sofia Araujo/Alejandra Salazar and between Jessica Castelló and Aranzazu Osoro.

Yet the match had started well for Josemaria/Sanchez, with a break to zero in the first game, but the Argentines came back down (2-2). Break and counter-break also between the seventh and eighth game, but it was Brea/Gonzalez’s to break back to win the first set. The first break of the second set also came from the number 1 (2-1), with Delphi and Bea risking going down by two breaks, saving themselves in an extraordinary fifth game. And from 4-4 it was a big balance until the tiebreak, where Brea and Gonzalez started badly but playing better on the decisive points went on to take the final. “It was a tough match, but I think we deserved the final. Bye Milan, I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow – Bea said, followed by Delfi: “For us it is a final that means a lot”. It means the title.