Gonzalez/Ruiz reach the quarter-finals: Momo and Alex will play against Galan and Lebron. First surprise: Stupa/Lima are out against Ruiz/Bergamini

December 8th – Here comes the first surprise of the Milan Premier Padel P1.

The tournament of Franco Stupaczuk and Pablo Lima, top seeded number 3 of the Allianz Cloud Board is already over. Stupa/Lima, in the second match on Center Court have been defeated 7-5 6-2 in one hour and 20 minutes by Victor Ruiz and Lucas Bergamini, top seeded number 13.

The Argentinian and the Brazilian already risked to lose yesterday in the second round, managing to win only in the third set against Quilez and Bueno.
Ruiz and Bergamini have improved their standard: last week in Mexico they beat Navarro and Tello who now will play in the quarter-finals against Sanchez/Capra or Mena/Mourinho. During the morning session Momo Gonzalez and Alex Ruiz as well had passed the round of sixteen beating Goenaga/Hernandez by 7-6 6-3.
After a hard-fought first set, the couple top-seeded number 6 of the board won the break at the beginning of the second set, finishing in one hour and 25 minutes.

Gonzalez and Ruiz are now waiting for the winning couple of the match which will open the evening session between Galan/Lebron and Marcos/Ramirez.