Belasteguín and the “Padel mania”: the Argentinian star at Wilson’s booth. Bergomi: “Kids need positive examples like him”

8 dic – “Ole, ole ole, Bela, Bela.” There was a full house, at the Allianz Cloud Commercial Village, waiting for Argentinian legend Fernando Belasteguín, guest at the Wilson booth along with his new “Bela Pro v2” racket, which has an inscription on the strap that Bela is very attached to. “Un Belasteguín Nunca Se Rinde”.

A Belasteguín never gives up. The meeting with the 43-year-old, top of the world rankings for 16 years in a row, was moderated by Sky Sport journalist Gianluigi Bagnulo, author – together with his colleague Dario Massara – of the book “Padel Mania,” a real encyclopedia of padel in which to find the history of the sport, tactical insights, a census of facilities in Italy and the profile (technical but above all life stories) of the strongest players on the planet, including Italians, and for which Belasteguín signed the preface.

“Why this quote?” asked Bagnulo to Bela. “Because it represents my family – he answered. I have three children, ages 14, 12 and 9. Before they fall asleep, I say three sentences to them. I love you, I will help you all my life, and a Belasteguín never gives up.” AKA, Un Belasteguín Nunca se Rinde.

Alongside the fresh world champions Bela and Bagnulo, there was another world champion and padel enthusiast, Beppe Bergomi. “I think this is a beautiful message,” said the former Inter Milan player and now Sky talent. “I coach 14-15 year old teens and I tell them that playing is not a sacrifice, but to reach a goal you have to work hard. To stay so long at high levels is very difficult, and it’s something that requires a lot of sacrifice. Young people today need positive examples, and this is one.”