Galan/Lebron in final not losing a set: Belasteguín/Coello defeated, tomorrow the n.1 seeded will searchg the Italian “double”

In the Milan Premier Padel P1 final and they have not lost a set. Alejandro Galan and Juan Lebron’s clean sheet continues: the world’s strongest team joined Victor Ruiz and Lucas Bergamini in final, after beating Fernando Belasteguín and Arturo Coello (No. 4 seed) 6-2 6-3 in one hour and 11′. They have now the chance to win the fourth stage of Premier Padel 2022 after the ones in Rome, Paris, and Madrid. The adventure of the Argentinian legend ended just a step away from the final. Bela and his young Spanish left-hander still walked out to a standing ovation at the Allianz Cloud. Unlike what happened in the quarters against Momo Gonzalez and Alex Ruiz, Galan and Lebron got into the match since the kick-off. They snatched the serve from their opponents in the fourth game. Coello looked a little bit below his standards; Bela clung to his shots, dragging even his young partner, the author of the double fault that ended the set in 31 minutes.

In the second game of the second set, the respect for the monuments: after a smash to the body by Lebron on Bela, the Spaniard jumped over the net to hug the “Boss”. Unluckily, he hit him again in the following rally, with general laughter on the court and on the stands. It was precisely Bela, at 2-1 30-30 for the opponents, who missed a volley not so difficult for him: Lebron signed the 3-1. Bela and Coello tried to come back into the game, but Galan and Lebron did not leave even crumbs on the road, canceling a 3-4 ball with a volley. It was the first and only chance, before the final smash by Galan. “We are overjoyed to have reached this final, closing the season in a great way”, the Spaniards said. “We wanted to go all the way to get there after the defeat in Mexico, enjoying one more game in this wonderful environment, as it already happened in Rome”.