Ibra and padel: “I really enjoy playing”. The champion in the stands for the semifinal with Luigi Carraro and Nasser Al Khelaifi

He arrived while the semifinals were taking place on the court, becoming the other protagonist of Milano Premier Padel P1 for an hour. Zlatan Ibrahimovic appeared at Allianz Cloud on an afternoon of great padel, greeting players and indulging in autographs and selfies, including one with Alejandro Galan, who had just won his match against Navarro and Chingotto. “I’m here because I enjoy playing padel, it’s a sport I really like”, says Ibra after receiving applause and cheers from the audience in the stands. “I’ve been a fan for a long time, that’s why I started playing and opening sports centers dedicated to it eight years ago. I want to give everyone the opportunity to try padel and enjoy it”, he continues.

Ibra then explains one of the reasons why the magic of padel is spreading rapidly: “It’s a sport that is growing quickly, it’s fun, you don’t need to be professionals, and you don’t even need to be good. In this, tennis is a bit too difficult: if you can’t play, it’s not easy to appreciate it, while in padel, you have fun even if you’re not good”. Like Zlatan, many other footballers try their hand at the “pala” every day, often with excellent results. So, is it true that those who have played football at high levels have an advantage in playing padel? Ibra jokes: “The ball hits the glass, and I can play it, that’s true. But I lack the technique; I rely more on physicality; however, I’m working on it”. Then, a stroll on the Allianz Cloud court with the president of the International Padel Federation, Luigi Carraro, the customary photos with Carraro and with his former PSG president and Premier Padel’s number one, Nasser Al Khelaifi, with whom he engaged in smiles and conversation. Finally, all together in the VIP stands to watch the super semifinal between Coello-Tapia and Stupaczuk-Di Nenno.