Chingotto-Garrido fly to the quarterfinals and now it’s ‘Fede’’s derby against ‘El Gato’ Tello, his partner for eight years

Dec 8 – ‘Derby’ it is. Because after 8 years playing together, Federico Chingotto, aka ‘Super Raton,’ and Juan ‘El Gato’ Tello – now paired with Paquito Navarro –will face each other in the second match of the ‘quarters’ scheduled in the morning session of the Milano Premier Padel P1. It will be exciting, it will be “a great derby, really,” said Fede Chingotto, while Javi Garrido sees it this way: “We faced them a few days ago, it was a tight, tough match and this will be the rematch….” ‘Chingo’ and Garrido beat Leal-Yanguas 6-1 6-4, while Paquito and Tello rested after their opponents, Campagnolo-Sanz, withdrew. Undoubtedly, the match between Fede Chingotto and his ‘racket brother’ Juan Tello will be full of emotions and feelings, with those eight very long years drawing a line on the court visible only to them, at least until the first “15” of the match.