Amazing Dominguez: Facundo is now flying to the second round with Tison, beating Spaniard Ortega and Martí Vaño. Patiniotis immediately out

5th december – Another Italian joy in the first day of the Milan Premier Padel P1 at the Allianz Cloud.

Facundo Dominguez, an Italian-Argentinian from Mar del Plata, chose Italy paying homage to his great-grandfather’s origins. Dominguez, paired with Frenchman Ben Tison, beat Spanish Mario Ortega and Carlos Martì Vaño in two sets (7-6 6-4).

Dominguez and Tison are now going to face Spaniard Alvaro Cepero and Miguel Lamperti, highly experienced Argentinian, number 16 on the draw.

Unfortunately, things went differently for the other Italian-Argentinian Atis Patiniotis (Cristian German Gutierrez’s teammate) losing 6-0 6-3 and conceding the victory to the opponents José Luis Gonzalez and Miguel Gonzalez Garcia.