Sanchez-Josemaria: “We’re eager to perform well and we hope the audience will root for us.” Triay-Ortega: “Milan is beautiful, we can’t wait to start”

Three months after their triumph in Paris, Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria are giving it another shot. The queens of the women’s ranking arrive at the Milano Premier Padel P1 in search of their second consecutive victory on the circuit, a journey that will begin Wednesday morning on the Center Court of the Allianz Cloud against Sandra Bellver Fructuoso and Maria Eulalia Rodriguez Abajo. «It’s been a long season, but we’ve arrived here with a lot of eagerness to perform well», said Paula during the media day. «We’ve never been to Milan, but we know that people in Italy live padel with a lot of enthusiasm, so we’re really aiming to have a great tournament». Her partner echoed the sentiment: «It’s very important for us players to have a supportive audience. We like to see the stands full, and I’m sure we’ll find fans here who will support everyone. And if they root especially for us, it will be even better!» In the closing season assessment, the victory at Roland Garros remains the most beautiful memory for both: «Winning in Paris was a dream. Roland Garros is a historic tournament for tennis, and it will become the same for padel». Josemaria also had the opportunity to talk about her studies, especially her degree in biochemistry, and how they have helped her in such a different context like sports: «They are two very different things, but through studying, I learned to relate facts and find solutions. This can be very useful on the field, tactically: you can make one play and immediately another automatically, already knowing which shot to give to the ball».

Also eagerly awaited in Milan is the debut of Gemma Triay and Marta Ortega, scheduled for Wednesday, not before 6 pm. Waiting for them are Carmen Goenaga Garcia and Lucia Martinez Gomez. The number 2 seeds – just behind the Sanchez/Josemaria pair – are seeking their second success of the year in the Premier Padel circuit, following their victory last July in Rome. «It was an unforgettable week at the Foro Italico, and I would sign for a final here in Milan too», Gemma said. «It’s our first time in the beautiful fashion city. The court here at the Allianz is perfect, and we can’t wait to start». Triay then confirms that «with Marta, we will continue to play in 2024 as well. For this year, the goal was to get to know her well: we had little time to train, but there was also the stimulus of new objectives. I hope that next year we will have the opportunity to improve». Marta echoes the sentiment: «We are preparing for the new year with the goal of doing even better and closing it fully satisfied. Where would I like to play in 2024? In Sydney!» concludes the Spaniard.